Take Your Marketing to the Next Level with a Simple SMS Marketing Solution.

SMS Marketing – the Easiest Way to Grab Your Clients’ Attention

Make designing SMS campaigns a breeze

Easily create stunning campaigns from your mobile using our pre-built template.

Get 98% open rate for your SMS marketing

Make sure your clients see your messages on time & send last-minute offers.

Reach ALL of your prospects & clients

The only solution that lets you create both email & SMS campaigns simultaneously.

Boost Your Marketing with Killer Landing Pages

Link each SMS promotion to a beautiful landing page, enabling clients to take revenue-changing actions in a single click: schedule an appointment, request a service or pay for a special offer.
sms marketing campaign

Take the Pain out of Planning Your Next Marketing Campaign

Schedule your next marketing campaign

Be more productive & free up time by scheduling your marketing campaigns to be delivered at any time.

Create a contact list & segment clients

Import your contact list & segment clients based on their location, age, interests and more.
Add personalization tags, such as first and last name, to your text messages. Adding a personal touch to your SMS campaigns can increase your click-through rate significantly.

Measure the Impact of Your SMS Marketing Campaigns

Learn how each campaign affects your bottom line. Track actual client activity, measuring the effectiveness of your SMS marketing: new clients, scheduled appointments and payments.
sms marketing statistics

Over 100,000 small businesses are managing their marketing activities with vCita

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Boost your small business marketing in one step – start sending SMS campaigns today!

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