What industry professionals use vcita? Find out here.

We work with business owners in a number of different industries, from business consultants to fitness trainers, therapists, teachers and more. Below are just a few different types of businesses we help, and detailed explanations of how each industry can use vcita’s features to streamline their workflows.

Below, there’s a summary of the main ways business owners from each industry can optimize vcita to make their work easier. If you see a description that matches what you do, just click on the link below the summary for a more detailed explanation of how vcita can help business owners just like you.

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Business consultants

Smarter workflows can help you find new leads, create proposals, and convert your estimates to invoices in once click. Take your networking to the next level with a CRM that you can use right from your mobile—tag your clients’ proposal status, make notes on your conversations, and see their estimates and invoices in one place. Network online with lead pages, email campaigns, and call to action buttons that get clicks.

Let your clients schedule meetings right from your social media, Google My Business, or your lead generation pages. Vcita can automatically generate zoom links for online meetings and send them to your clients right after they book and, if you choose, again right before the meeting is scheduled.

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Tutors/teaching professionals

Meet your user-friendly digital classroom with vcita’s all-in-one platform, that lets you teach, invoice, and share files with students all in one place. With a customizable online portal, you’ll be able to send notes, assignments, progress updates, and invoices to students in one place. They can log on to see all the files you’ve shared with them, and pay their invoices in one click.

No matter how big your classroom is, vcita has you covered. You can schedule large classes using zoom integration, embedding zoom links right into your emails and student portal. For colleges, team management features help assign students to different instructors depending on their field of study. CRM helps you keep track of it all, with a space for private records of grades, student ID info, and anything else you need to track.

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Mental health professionals

Stress-free software helps you save your energy for your clients. Vcita is as hassle-free as it gets, with tools to keep your client notes, invoices, and payment history all in one place. Keep CPT codes stored and ready to go on the right invoices, with billing that integrates with your CRM system. Track payments easily right next to any insurance notes on your clients’ file, so you know right away when and how to follow up on late payments. Our HIPAA compliant software will keep all of your information safe and easy to access at the same time.

Make it easier on your clients to book that first appointment, with scheduling software that lets them schedule their own appointment or consultation without a phone call. Once clients schedule with you, automated reminder emails before their appointments will reduce no-shows and help you maintain rapport.

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Law firms & legal professionals

Keep your case files and billing organized with software that keeps all your client information in one place. Client needs to sign something? Easily send the document to their secure client portal, where they can also see upcoming meetings, access their bills, and message you directly. Your CRM tool will track these conversations and give you a private place to add your own notes, tags, and contact information for each client.

Law firms can assign clients to different legal professionals, or make it easier for them to collaborate on caseloads. You can also edit access permissions to keep confidential cases private. Save on admin costs with vcita’s scheduling feature that lets clients pick a time that works for you—no more negotiating on the phone when your schedule is packed.

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Cleaning professionals

Get the job done right with software that tracks your schedule, client preferences, and accounts receivable all in one place. Let your clients choose from different cleaning services when they book with you online, right from your social media, Google My Business, or lead page. Assign different employees to different clients, and track them with scheduling that tells you exactly what jobs each employee has been assigned.

It’s easy to tailor your services to suit your clients’ needs with notes on each client file about cleaning product preferences, a cleaning checklist, and any other specifications. As soon as you enter the information, your whole team can access it so everyone can give the same quality of service. One-click invoices make it easy for busy clients to pay you on time, right from their mobile or desktop. Best of all, you can do it all on the go—so being on the road doesn’t have to mean being away from the information you need.

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Hair, beauty, and nail salons

Keeping your salon running has never been easier thanks to vcita’s all in one scheduling platform. Let salon customers see your booking availability right from your website, Facebook, or Google My Business listing, and book appointments at a time that works for both of you. If they have a regular hairdresser or nail artist, they can pick that person from a menu with headshots of each of your staff members.

List services, package bundles, and products all from one convenient menu, so salon customers can choose the service they need right from the start. Send email campaigns that convert, with call to action buttons and coupon codes that integrate with scheduling and payments. Keep track of your customers’ preferences with an easy-to-use CRM that lets you note their styling preferences, allergies, or any other vital info.

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