How to Choose the Best Piece of Software for Your Micro Business

Hunting for the right software for your small business? With our five-point checklist, you can find the right fit based on your business' unique needs.

Working from Home? 10 Tax Deductions You Can’t Afford to Miss Out On

Self-employed and working from home? 10 surprising expenses you can claim

How to Create a Professional Invoice That Clients Can Instantly Pay

Tired of chasing and tracking invoices? Here's how to create an invoice that clients can (and actually want) to pay on time.

5 Hot Payment Trends to Get Your Clients to Pay on Time

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How to Write a Price Estimate That Always Gets the Job

Crafting a perfect price estimate brings you one step closer to landing the job. Learn how to write a price estimate that hits the spot and ticks all of your clients' checkboxes.

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